The missing link entry point


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An announcement was made recently by Shahin Tahmasebi regarding new findings on radio signals and how they travel in space.

This finding indicates that there is a "shift" in radio signals transmitted into space and waves or signals tend to travel almost sideways after a considerable time of travel.


The new findings show that for past 100 years we have been involved in rather a series of fictions than facts. Here you will see where the scientists have gone wrong and why we cannot receive any signals from outer space. Signals are not received from a distance of not even one light day away from earth, never mind billions of light years away. We do receive a lot of distortions though, but not an audible signal.


You will see the fact that even lights collected in telescopes by astronomers are affected by this "shift" and therefore unusable. This is the missing link that scientists missed years ago and now it's found. For better understanding please read through every page. See details.


There are a series of complex calculations written to establish the amount of shift and show how much the signal is shifted in different distance. This formula is in a MS spreadsheet (*.XLS) format and you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your machine, also if you wish to view this formula in your browser you need to have a plug-in to display this spreadsheet on your browser. You can download this plug-in from Microsoft site. There is a small program by Microsoft that allows users without MS Office installed to view spreadsheets, you can also download this viewer from the download page.


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